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Frequently asked questions

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is an ancient practice. Over 6,000 years old. What we know about acupuncture today has been passed down over the centuries and studied. Acupuncture and herbalism were the main practices that kept people healthy in China and many eastern countries before modern medicine. There are 14 major engergetic channels that circulated through the entire body; head, arms, legs, back, feet, torso, fingers and toes. If it's attached to you it is maintained by these energetic channels. Each of these channels courses Qi (or Chi) through it. Qi is the vital, life force energy that maintains, revitalizes, and nourishes every cell in your body. One might even see it as the intelegience that maintains your body. If there is a blockage, derangment, lack of, or congestion of this energy the results may be pain, dysfunction, and/or ill health. Acupuncture is the use of very small sterile, single-use needles applied to points along these channels to move and manipulate the Qi in order to promote balance. The stimulation of the pins helps with the flow of Qi in the channels and organs themselves along with the surrounding tissues. Sometimes this is for repair, sometimes for balance and sometimes for relief.

Will acupuncture hurt?

Usually it does not but there are some points on the body that are located in more sensitive areas. If it does hurt it is usually only for a second or two. The more common sensation patients feels is a result of their body's energy meeting the needly. We call this the Qi effect. It can be described a little differently for everyone but most people say it feels like a rushing sensation or tingling sensation which also disipates, but is an important part of the treatment.

How many treatments of acupuncture will I need before I see results?

What are the benefits of massage?


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